1. Ithaca is Gorges. My first attempt to use some ghetto-rigged 2.35 crop marks, and John Hope’s CINEMA PS (not sure how I feel about it yet).

    Canon t3i, 50mm f/1.8
    PS: CINEMA by John Hope
    Color: Magic Bullet

  2. Ithaca in Winter, part 4.

  3. Ithaca in Winter, part 3.

  4. Ithaca in Winter, part 2.

  5. Ithaca in winter, part 1 of ?. It finally snowed today.

  6. Goal for this month: be productive. Here’s a quick video I shot/edited/composed today of the Ithaca Falls.

  7. A short video I did for 92 WICB at the 2011 Ithaca Harvest Apple Festival.