1. I made this. Please enjoy it. Manchild was always one of my favorite emcees growing up, and it’s an honor to work with him on a track. 

    Free download over on soundcloud. Coming soon to Spotify and all those.

  2. Los Angeles Zoo, 1912 - 1965.

  3. TJ and Topher visit the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo (1912 - 1965).

  4. New song. Off the upcoming EP, available soonish maybe or something.

    Download for free at : https://soundcloud.com/thewarhorse/dont-be-silly-of-course-im-not

  5. A new short film, coming oh so very soon…

    A new short film, coming oh so very soon…

  6. An afternoon at Angeles National Forest. 

  7. EP is still on the way. Really. In the meantime, here’s a remix of RATM.

  8. Now on Spotify: Badman (The Warhorse Remix) →

    My remix I did for Ithaca’s own “The Cheating Intention” is now available on Spotify (and iTunes if your wallet is feeling friendly). Every time you listen, I make 3/10 of a penny. I’ll be a millionaire in no time.

  9. Just saw that this video I shot last summer is online, and has over 238,000 views. So that’s cool.

  10. This is a tutorial on how to not miss pizza while being on the west coast.